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League of Legends: One For All Game Mode Goes Live on March 26 – What Are the Best Champions?

Riot Games has introduced One For All in 2013 and, along with All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, they have been the craziest modes in League of Legends. We loved playing OFA and ARURF as long as the temporary games were available!

Now, two years since we last played One For All, we get to enjoy the game mode once again. But considering there are a lot of new champions from the champion pool, what would be the best pick? We’ve prepared an extensive list of champions that will be fun to play and will certainly be perfect to defeat your opponents. We have also added some champions that are a bad pick for OFA.

The Combo Masters

Champions like Ahri, Annie, Ezreal, Jarvan IV, Lux and Morgana will be great if you’re looking for amazing combos. Just make sure you’re using the game’s Voice feature or Discord to talk with your team and synchronize with them.

Ahri – charm your opponents into turrets, throw orbs at them and just be super annoying as you all ultimate into the enemy champions.

Annie – does she need any introduction? Five Tibbers is reason enough to pick her! Plus, most of you have that Annie-versary skin, and the huge Teemo is fun to watch…

Ezreal – five Trueshot Barrage spells are OP! Add the skillshots and Arcane Shift to escape tight situations and we bet you’ll have a lot of fun with Ezreal in OFA.

Jarvan IV – if you’d rather play a melee, choose Jarvan IV for the Cataclysm and wreak havoc upon your opponents.

Lux – just like Ezreal, Lux’s ultimates will be sick! Add the infinite snares and Lucent Singularity, and the enemy team will probably cry…

Morgana – again, we have snares, the AoE ultimate and the shield rendering them immune to crowd control, and you’ll have a ton of fun that match.

The OP Champions

Those are the classic choices, but we also have some other OP champions, like Dr. Mundo, Heimerdinger, Jax, Karthus, Malphite, and Wukong. They’re unstoppable together as five, and here are the main reasons:

Dr. Mundo – aside from the fact that Mundo goes where he pleases, you’ll have five of them that will just be frustrating to play against!

Heimerdinger – each Heimerdinger can summon three turrets, so imagine five of them summoning FIFTEEN turrets in the same place. They’ll carve a path into your nexus so fast you won’t know what hit you – well… turrets hit you.

Jax – experienced Jax players are unstoppable, so imagine having five of them. Also, imagine if they had a real weapon!

Karthus – All of them can press R at the same time and oneshot the enemy team. GG, WP.

Malphite – play him AP and if you fire five Unstoppable Force at the same time, at the same champion, you’ll make your enemies rage quit.

Wukong – the reworked Wukong is buffed in 10.6, the hotfixes in the mid-patch update have buffed him even more, so it’s obvious he’ll be OP in this game mode. The clones and the synchronized Cyclone will be fun to watch and difficult to play against.

The Annoying Champions

If you want to annoy your opponents, then by all means, choose Ekko, Fizz, Pyke, Teemo, or Yasuo.

Ekko – Ekko’s ultimate is threatening, especially if multiplied by five! He’s doing great in midlane and jungle this patch, so he’s going to be favorite pick.

Fizz – If you’ve tried to catch Fizz, you know it’s impossible. Not try to catch five of them – the jukes are annoying, and let’s not forget about the ultimates!

Garen – do we need to explain why Garen is strong in OFA? The Demacian Justice is scary, and enemies will have to defend themselves not from one, but from five ulties!

Pyke – playing against Pyke will make most of us paranoid. He’s stealthy and OP!

Teemo – the most hated champion in League of Legends (and my favorite little devil), Teemo will definitely be a force to be afraid of in this game mode. All those shrooms, everywhere… Your enemies’ gold will have to go on pink wards.

Yasuo – the second-most hated champion is no doubt Yasuo. One landed Gathering Storm and all five Yasuo will simply erase even the toughest opponent. However, this champion requires some skilled players.

Other noteworthy champions you could pick and have fun are Blitzkrank (those grabs and ulties!), Mordekaiser (isolate each enemy and defeat them in the death realm), or Zac (tons of CC, a lot of sustain and the ultimate!).

What NOT to Choose in OFA

In theory, these champions as a five team are insane, but the results are not really great. They may be fun to play, but they won’t help you win the match.

Aphelios – first of all, it’s quite difficult to play Aphelios, plus with no movement abilities or enough health, he won’t make it in OFA.

Yuumi – we’ve seen a video with two teams playing Yuumi. Seeing 10 Yuumi should be fun to watch, but playing as five Yuumi against other champions won’t really help you win the game, no matter how awesome it is to see five Yuumi ulties at the same time.

One for All will go live on March 26!

For more news, updates on the live or the PBE client, check our League of Legends page. We also have a Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies page for those that want to be up to date on the latest TFT news.


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