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League of Legends Official Patch 10.13 Notes: Balance Changes to Champions, Runes and More Go Live on June 24

League of Legends will receive a new patch tomorrow on June 24. Patch 10.13 is a bit light in terms of balance changes, but we did notice a buff to Kog’Maw and Nunu, as well as some other changes to runes. We will take a look at the balance changes, and if you want to learn more about bugfixes, incoming skins or chromas, head over to the patch notes from Riot by following this link.

Let’s check out the buffs and nerfs to champions and runes. If you’re looking for a similar summary with balance changes to TFT, here’s our article.

Balance Changes – Champions


Base Stats

  • Attack damage growth lowered to 2 – from 2.2


Q – Crescendum, the Chakram

  • [REMOVED]: No longer resets the duration of Chakram on Epic Monsters
  • Turret range indicators no longer show in Spectator mode


R – Moonlight Vigil 

  • Follow-up attack crit lowered to 20% bonus attack damage – from 50% bonus attack damage


Base Stats

  • Magic resist lowered to 32 – from 34


E – Hop

  • Attack speed changed to 40/45/50/55/60% – from 20/30/40/50/60%
  • Attack speed duration increased to 4 seconds – from 3 seconds


Base Stats

  • Attack damage growth lowered to 3.5 – from 4


Q – Caustic Spittle

  • Damage ratio increased to 0.7 ability power – 0.5 ability power


R – Living Artillery

  • Damage ratio increased to 0.35 ability power – from 0.25 ability power


Q – Piercing Light

  • Ability range increased to 1000 – from 900


Passive – Umbra Blades

  • [UPDATE]: Passive changed to “Basic attacks against enemy champions and monsters reduce Umbra Blades’ cooldown by 2 seconds” – from “Basic attacks against enemy champions reduce Umbra Blades’ cooldown by 2 seconds”


Q – Consume

  • Damage ratio increased to 0.65 ability power – from 0.5 ability power
  • Healing ratio increased to 0.9 ability power – from 0.7 ability power


R – Absolute Zero

  • Shield ratio changed to 0.3/0.4/0.5 bonus health, 1.5 ability power – from 0.3/0.4/0.5 bonus health


Passive – Living Forge

  • Passive changed to “Health and mana items built in the field retain its previous health and mana percentage (returning to base still brings health and mana items back to full)” – from “Health and mana items built in the field provide 100% of health and mana values”


W – Grand Entrance

  • Base damage changed to 70/125/180/235/290 – from 70/120/170/220/270


Base Stats

  • Base magic resist increased to 36 – from 34
  • Base attack damage increased to 58 – from 56


Q – Dark Sphere

  • Mana cost changed to 60/65/70/75/80 mana – from 40/50/60/70/80 mana


Q – Vault Breaker

  • Cooldown changed to 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds – from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds


R – Eulogy of the Isles

  • Range for Maiden of the Mist’s leash lowered to “600 range at which Maiden returns to Yorick” – from “900 range at which Maiden returns to Yorick”


E – Zoomies

  • Mana cost changed to 40/45/50/55/60 mana (+15% max mana) – from 100/115/130/145/160 mana




  • Maximum stacks increased to 12 – from 10
  • Adaptive force per stack lowered to 1.7-4.2 (levels 1-18) – from 2-5 (levels 1-18)



  • Shield lowered to 70-150 – from 80-200


Balance Changes – Items

Death’s Dance

  • Base post-mitigation damage storing lowered to 10% for ranged champions – from 20% for ranged champions


Champ Select Report & Mute Testing

Patches 10.13 and 10.14 will feature two new options that will be tested in various regions, first beginning with North America and Korea:

  • Champ Select muting blocks messages from the muted player in Champ Select and the mute carries over in-game.
  • For now, Champ Select reporting is only in place to collect data. After the experiment ends, we’ll use that data to plan out further investment in this type of penalty system.


That’s what Patch 10.13 will bring to League of Legends. Head over to our League of Legends page if you want to stay updated to patch notes, patch previews and the state of the PBE patches. You can also check out our TFT page to get the latest updates and guides.




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