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League of Legends: LCK Spring Splits Battles

The new year has brought a new season of LCK Spring to League of Legends, one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in the world.

After the long wait, Riot Korea has finally revealed their complete schedule for Spring: beginning on February 5th, at 5 a.m. CT, LCK Spring is having four game giants battle for the prize. T1 is going versus DAMWON Gaming, and KT Rolster plays versus Gen. G., and the matches are going to be displayed on the first round, on Wednesday in LoL Park, Gran Seoul.

Throughout the tournament, the Spring Split is expected to go according to the schedule. The event is going to expand over the course of five days per week for the whole first round, which will end on April 12th.

The LCK Spring Battles

With the majority of the teams encountering roster adjustments during the preseason, the power ratings have gotten a significant turn in the last few months. So, what will these teams want to achieve during this season?

T1 vs. DAMWON Gaming


T1, previously known as SKT, had a rather discouraging gauntlet run in the 2019 LOL World’s Championship. They were completely defeated by G2 during the semi-finals. The T1 fans are somehow reserved about the team’s probability of a win, mainly due to the roster changes. However, if they want to get a hold of their former crown, they will have to start the season with a definite win against DAMWON Gaming.


DAMWON Gaming is probably the only team that is appearing with an unchanged roster. Even though they are rookies, they have managed to finish in the third place last year and got a ticket to debut now on the world stage.

This year, they will seek to apply all the experiences they accumulated last year and repose on their team synergy. As per numerous reports, they are one of the favorites.

KT Rolster vs. Gen. G.

Gen. G.

For this year as well, Gen. G. is basing on their recruitment rules, having a stacked but star-studded roster of a few top senior players in the LCK. Last year, the team failed to get that necessary synergy with their competition, but this time around, many believe that they got a better chance at the title; this, because they have Clid in the roster.

KT Rolster

KT Rolster seems to be a mere shadow of what they used to be, but they still have the drive and means. Even though they might achieve rather low power ratings, their duo combinations made of bonO, Malrang, Ray, and SoHwan seems rather promising in theory.

KT Rolster will probably get more success than they managed to do in the earlier few splits, and achieve a better LCK rating.

2020 LCK Spring Split

Even following the patch 10.1, that’s been available for a few days already, the meta still appears to be very unstable, and any team can actually win on any given day. Besides so many roster adjustments made to the teams, LCK fans can expect the event to be an exciting one.


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