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League of Legends – First Impression on the New Harrowing Skins

​Right on time for the Halloween month, League of Legends is starting October with three brand new frightful skins for Fizz, Amumu, and Elise.

The spider champion Elise appears to be prepared to go trick or treating in the Summoner’s Rift. Besides her witch hat, Bewitching Elise’s bright purple outfit is wonderful, matching the new look of her spiderlings as well as the color of her particle effects. Bewitching Elise is the 6th skin in the Bewitching series after Nidalee, Morgana, Tristana, Janna, and Miss Fortune.

[Image Credit: Riot Games]
In the meantime, Amumu is depicted as sad and lonely for Halloween night, playing with a swarm of bats and a few jack-o-lanterns.

[Image Credit: Riot Games]
Little Devil Fizz is the third LoL 2020 Halloween skin that’s been introduced. The creature’s skin that’s normally blue has been changed into a red shade. He still has his trident but summons one massive Litte Devil Teemo rather than his shark companion for his ultimate ability.

[Image Credit: Riot Games]
Players are also witnessing the debut of Kassadin as the 19th champion to join the Hextech skin series. At the same time, the Morning Star Crew just welcomes five new skins that were announced for the Odyssey skin range. We’re getting Kha’Zix, Aatrox, Sivir, Twisted Fate, and Karma in the Odyssey universe, but we’re still to find out what role they will play in the galactic environment.

In the meantime, League of Legends Worlds 2020 Groups were confirmed with the decision of the play-in stage.

During the group stage, each team will play a double round-robin set within their group, which means that they will play every other team in their group two times, as the matches are one game in this round. As soon as every team has finished their double round-robin set, the best two teams from each group will be advanced to the knockout phase, where the teams will compete in a single-elimination category.


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