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League of Legends — Best Beginner-Friendly Champions

League of Legends launched more than ten years ago, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lose any percent of its popularity ​soon.
During all the seasons launched, Riot Games has rolled out 148 champions, with many more to come. While the majority of those champions require some sort of modicum or mechanical skills, others are either too easy or too challenging to handle.

If you are new to the game and trying to get the end of it, here are some tips to help you advance in the game, as well as master it. The four champions we’re going to name are fun to manage for beginners, as they will enable you to better understand the game and the core mechanics behind it.

Best Beginner-Friendly Champions in League of Legends


If you first want to try out the ADC mode, Caitlyn is the ideal character to start with. Her high range and massive damage output will help you see how to last hit minions from a rather safe distance. Caitlyn’s kit is not intricate, and her gameplay is rather straightforward, with amazing escape routes thanks to her E ’90 Caliber Net.’

Besides ​helping you master the last hit move, the more you play as Caitlyn, the more you learn two main mechanical factors of the gameplay, namely, positioning and fighting. Her ultimate is also easy to use, and it doesn’t need superior skill shot landing abilities in order to utilize it.


To a master of the League of Legends ​gameplay, Garen is a ‘brain-dead right-click character,’ but for beginners, it is one of the ideal picks that helps better understand the narrative. Garen’s natural damage and health regeneration are making him a perfect choice for those who are just earning to master the top level of the game.

He might not be a great opponent when it comes to top champions, but that doesn’t really matter at low levels. Even though Garen is strong and monstrous, you’ll be surprised by the level of damage it can do.


Ashe is one of the best options when it comes to learning the game faster. She costs only 450 blue essences; therefore, she is rather affordable and available to be added in your collection from the beginning.​

Her W ‘volley Shot’ is incredibly direct and amazing to use. However, keep the mana cost in mind, and try to get an Essence Reaver if you end up spamming it too much. Ashe’s E ‘Hawk Shot’ helps you understand the value of vision control, and her ultimate will get your ability to skill shot landing better.


Morgana is always a perfect pick when in the mid-level. She is a great utility mage who helps you get the importance of playing as a supporting player, as well as a burst damage dealer.​ She is also a maestro at aim and fast flexes; the more you utilize her, the more mechanical abilities you will gain.

Her combos are incredibly direct; simply land your Q ‘Dark Binding’ and W ‘Tormented Soil’ to get the best result in damaging. The Q, together with the root of her ultimate, can be utilized as a defensive, as well as offensive instrument. This shows that there is more versatility in her gear you get to use.


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