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League of Legends Balance Update: Nerfs Planned to Arrive for Top Lane Sona

The Top Lane support meta resurfaced for a while now and succeeded to increase in the latest parched. And Sona and Soraka have been ruling the meta lately, especially in the pro play section. So, after some actions from Week 2 of the LOL LEC Spring Split, Riot decided to nerf Soraka to the ground. However, Soraka isn’t the only one who proved best. Sona has also increased on the popularity and ranks, too, and now she’s scoring an over 57 % win rate.

Her kit is very skillful, with a lot of sustain, great healing, and sustain. And now, acting as a single character, she can gather a lot of gold and experience, and fasten ger build even quicker when related to the last “Sona-Taric” bot lane meta. Also, when she is deceived, her E “Song of Celerity” becomes a smooth escape item. Sona also has a great side fight with her ultimate and healing. Her damage amount is very high, too, and after she got a Lich Bane, she could put down an opponent by performing a one-only shot.

More balance updates planned for League of Legends

Besides Soraka and Sona’s highest lane dominance, there is also an item that will get a few nerfs in patch 10.4. The Stopwatch has reached some more top points and demonstrated to be a significant part of the professional stage. And developers intend to modify or diminish its presence as Mark Yetter stated that the item is “used too often by a wide range of champions in a typical game.”

Other things the patch will bring are some runes adjustments, expanded jungle pool, Sunfire buffs, and nerfs and buffs to outliers. The League of Legends 10.4 patch is set to reach one of the highest expectations so far, mainly because Riot is adding new things every day. We should be able to witness the latest stuff soon.


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