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League of Legends 10.5 PBE Update Comes With New Skins, A Champion Revamp, And More

While patch 10.4 was released a few days ago, it seems that Riot Games has been hard at work as the League of Legends 10.5 PBE update has been released. It comes with a fresh selection of Blackfrost skins and a reworked Wukong besides other features.

Novelties in League of Legends 10.5 PBE Update

Blackfrost skins

A few years passed since the last BlackFrost skin has been released, but it seems that the popular collection will receive some new additions for several champions, among which we can count the names of Alistar, Rek’Sai and Renekton in LoL.

A new Hextech skin

Hextech skins are also quite popular, and fans of Sejuani will get a skin of this type after the update is released.

Refreshed Eternals

The first version of the Eternals system received some heavy criticism, and it seems that Riot decided to make some significant changes, as it will now offer champion-specific stat trackers.

Revamped Wukong

Working seems to be an exciting challenge for the studio as several reworks attempts have been scrapped in the past, but a new one is present on PBE, with several changes being implemented. A list of curated highlights is available below.

The Balance Updates in League of Legends 10.5 PBE patch

The base HP is 540, down from 577.8, while the mana pool was also lowered to 265, down from 265.84. A minor alteration is present as a decreased MP5 rate, from 8. 042 to 8.04, and the base MR was lowered from 32.1 to 28.

A new Champion Kit is also available. W-Warrior Trickster now has a new 300 range dash that will offer the ability to move over small walls. Stealth duration has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to one, and the clones will not cause AoE damage upon despawn. Q, E, and R can be used to empower the attacks of a clone in different ways.

It is estimated that the new League of Legends 10.5 PBE update will arrive on March 4. Some of the changes may not be implemented in the final version.


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