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League of Legends 10.4 Update to Bring Major Tweaks for Wukong

A new patch for League of Legends had finally been released for Wukong, after numerous delays, a while ago. Months have passed since Riot Games revealed the fact that they will upgrade the Monkey King’s kit and include more variety in his playstyle.

Now, after weeks of testings on the PBE, he was finally released in the patch 10.3, only to be taken to the drawing board again. The new kit was intended to make him a hit-and-miss, as he lacked several early-game play-making tools, while his late-game was exceptionally strong as he could carry matches that were otherwise lost by himself.

The developing team, therefore, chose not to release a champion that was imbalanced. This is the reason why the changes were reverted and now being adjusted in the PBE. The aims of the gaming studio towards enhancing Wukong’s kit and the gameplay potential are rather simple. They strive to make him able to be more proactive during the landing phase and be funnier to choose and play by new players, as well as Wukong one-tricks.

More Tweaks Are Needed for Wukong

The two most repeated complaints regarding Wukong that players have reported to Riot Games is his mad mana cost and his passive and ultimate, which numerous players find unsatisfactory.

Therefore, at the moment, the developing team had adjusted the two abilities and geared him with more powerful instruments in the PBE. Wukong now has an enhanced cyclone and a shield on his passive that concentrates on rolling his early game out.

The tweaks are not definite, as Riot Games could add more gears to the character or remove particular tools, but they aim to get the final kit out in the League of Legends 10.4 update later this month.

As per the gaming studio’s patch schedule, the 10.4 update is most likely going to launch o February 20th and will follow the already familiar maintenance procedure and server standby. League of Legends 10.4 update is allegedly going to be a significant one, as it comes with lots of nerfs, buffs, and tweaks for champions, items, and runes as well.


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