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Launch Night In event reveals Google’s new Photo Editor

Launch Night In event revealed the company’s latest smartphone models, the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. However, that’s not all. Google has also unveiled a new Photos editor feature. Android users can use the new feature to improve snapshots, and the good news is that it is available for everyone. That means you don’t need to own one of the latest Pixel models in order to use it.

Launch Night In revealed that the latest Photos editor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend adjustments to photos. The user can apply those changes by a tap; however, if you wish to make a few improvements yourself, feel free to do it. The new feature can slightly enhance your photos, or you can opt for something more flashy, like black and Black and White Portrait. It actually offers quite a nice range of effects.

However, some users are more picky when it comes to photos editing. Therefore, Google took this detail into consideration. The user can choose to edit their picture manually. The upgraded version of the Photos editor comes with more straightforward to use granular controls. The user can control different aspects, such as brightness and saturation. You can do all that from the Adjust menu.

Although Google is generous, the company still kept an exclusive feature for Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, at least for now. The new feature is called Portrait Light, and it uses machine learning in order to improve the light, change the angle, and brightness in portrait mode photos. However, the new feature can be applied to old photos as well, which is impressive. At least, according to Google.

According to Launch Night In, the Portrait Light feature is quite similar to Apple’s portrait lighting effects. However, compared to Apple, Google is focusing more on control over the effects, which is a plus for some consumers. The upgraded version of Photos editor is currently rolling out. Therefore, Android users should receive the update soon if they haven’t already. The Pixel 4 update includes the Portrait Light feature as well.


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