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Latest Windows 10 Update Issue is Microsoft’s Fault, not Kaspersky’s

Microsoft has released a significant Windows 10 update that proved to cause some installation errors. While the update was rolled out specifically to solve a security issue with Kaspersky‘s Rescue Disk software, the security company states that they are not the origin of the update’s issue.

Windows 10 KB4524244 was supposed to solve a security flaw in the Kaspersky Rescue Disk software, which was officially revealed in April 2019. Even though the security firm said it fixed the problem in August 2019, in February 2020, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 KB4524244 update that dismisses the UEFI signatures in an attempt to ‘prevent attacks against Secure Boot using doctored previous versions of Kaspersky Rescue Disk,’ the security company said.

Microsoft is Acting Weird Lately

Kaspersky is, however, not entirely innocent, as per some. In the end, it did launch a security tool with an obvious security flaw included. But to be honest, it fixed the issue in 2019, in August.

While the update Microsoft has released was to keep protecting against the error – even though it came months after the issue was fixed – it is definite now that the problem is Microsoft and not Kaspersky. Taking into consideration Microsoft’s poor work of numerous faulty Windows 10 updates, it is clear that the issue here is caused by Microsoft.

There’s also the fact that Microsoft did not contact Kaspersky with regard to the update and the problem it was causing. According to a report by Softpedia, the security company stated that ‘Microsoft has not reached out to Kaspersky concerning the update issue. After detailed internal analysis, our experts concluded that Kaspersky products had not been a cause of this issue.’

One of the oddest things that Microsoft is showing these days is its lack of communication and absolute secrecy. The Windows 10 KB4524244 is yet another update the company has to remove because of the issues it causes. The update doesn’t look like it will be re-released; Softpedia reported that Microsoft would rather roll out bug fixes in a future update.

Way to go, Microsoft! *eye-roll*


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