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Latest Windows 10 Update Is Causing Windows Defender To Crash

Windows Defender is the Antivirus program, part of the features that come with Windows 10. It is the computer’s protection against viruses, ransomware and various other security attacks that may occur.  Most of the time Windows Defender is a reliable program for protecting one’s computer against getting infected.

However, it has been proven that sometimes it may be affected by bugs. Therefore, a buggy version of the Antivirus may give untrue statements about the current status of the computer or even skip some of the threatening files.

Windows Defender crashes due to the latest Windows 10 update

On a larger scale, many Windows 10 users are reporting to encounter the same problem when running the Windows Defender. The problem begins with the scanning feature, where the program is not paying attention to all the items during the malware scan. The officials from Windows seem to be in a blind spot when it comes to identifying the main issue that causes this problem on such a large scale.

It is even more alarming when you think about the large impact it has on an alarmingly high number of users, which have already reported their experience on platforms like Microsoft Community and Reddit.

The customers complain about receiving a certain notification which informs them that Windows chose deliberately and without any indication from the user to do so, to omit some of the files. The discontent is amplified by the feeling of insecurity.

In spite of the public disappointment, Microsoft Team has failed to give any official statement regarding this matter. In addition to this, most of the users claimed that the update posted on March 11 has resulted in a total crush of the scanning functionality in Windows Defender. Therefore, up until now, there is not any solution available for this issue. We are still waiting for help from the Windows 10 team.


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