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Latest Android update fixes high risk security issue

Google has released its update for Android smartphones this month. The October 2020 security update is meant for Goole’s Pixel line up; however, you may want to know more if you are a Pixel 4a owner.

October 2020 Android security update fixes

The latest Android update is so important because of Google’s main goal to sort out a security issue in the Android System. Android’s System flaw is allowing or possibly allowing certain intruders to get extra permissions somehow. They can achieve that by a “specially crafted transmission.”

However, that’s not the only issue. Other flaws allow running arbitrary code, data leaking, or perhaps letting dodgy apps have extra permissions. Nevertheless, better feel safe than sorry, so we advise you to update your mobile system as soon as possible.

On top of the security issues, the latest update solves more problems. First of all, most system updates will improve performance. For example, Google Pixel 4a now has an enhanced auto-brightness feature. The feature is responding way better in particular lighting conditions, which is a plus. Therefore you shouldn’t worry anymore about using a phone screen protector.

The October 2020 security update is available for Pixel 2, 3, and 4 generations. However, not all fixes are available for the Pixel 2 line up. You may have encountered some of the problems, such as getting stuck in the boot process, for example. Well, Google has now fixed some of those common issues. The swipe gesture feature has been improved as well, and the auto-rotate icon should now appear in all orientations. All generations above Pixel 2 feature an improved auto-rotation tool.

Since the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 are still on the way, there are no updates. However, more than likely, both models will come with the latest Android update. Another worth mentioning is that you need Android 11 in order to be eligible for the latest update.


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