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Kodi vs. Plex – Which One Suits You Best?

Kodi and Plex are two great medial player software apps you can use on a daily basis. Both apps offer some cool features and genuine experiences, as well as friendly user interfaces and various tools and customization functions.

The services have a lot in common, but they are also different; however, both Kodi and Plex have similar purposes. Because of this, choosing between them can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we decided to come up with a simple and straightforward comparison post to help you decide between the.

Kodi – The Popular Mate

Kodi is a media player app developed initially to run on the Xbox console. The software is capable of doing almost everything it is supposed to do, along with the traditional media center stuff. One of its best features is the add-ons installer, and the fact that it is customizable makes it one of the most popular media players out there.

Plex – A Simpler Service

Plex is a similar service as Kodi, but it partly comes from a forked code that was initially Kodi’s back in 2008. Since its spin-off, Plex became more user-friendly and not that customizable as its rival.

Plex’s interface.

The best thing about the app is that it allows you to set up a central server – your desktop, for instance – and then play that server’s content from other devices.

Add-ons vs. Channels

Kodi is an open-source software, which means that developers can always take some codes out of it to create other apps called add-ons. They can boost the overall experience of the users, but are a bit of the Wild West of streaming apps; however, they definitely provide great content.

​Plex has its own apps as well, which are known as channels, and they run in a similar way the add-ons on Kodi do; however, for now, Plex’s channels are not that reliable as Kodi’s add-on options. There are some popular ones among them, including YouTube, but some are rather obscure and not that trustworthy.

So, what is the difference between add-ons and channels? Simply put, Plex offers a crisp user experience and a decent amount of high-quality options in which to stream content. On the other hand, Kodi offers more content due to add-ons. Moreover, Kodi’s live TV support is much more dependable than Plex’s.


Customization is the biggest difference between Kodi and Plex. While Kodi is more customizable thanks to being an open-source software, Plex is less so. Kodi allows its users to use numerous plug-ins that offer a great customization experience, with some really cool skins available.

Kodi’s interface.

When it comes to Plex, its interface is great and a lot simpler than its rival’s. However, the fact that Plex cannot be customized is a downside to an app otherwise amazing.

Library Sharing

Plex is a multi-platform, which means it allows users to install it on multiple devices. This is a great function if you want to share content via Plex with your friends; you can stream a movie on your computer, and finish it on your smartphone: how great is that?

On the other hand, Kodi doesn’t have this feature built-in. However, it offers a few ways to emulate it, and it works great so.

The Bottom Lines

Both Kodi and Plex provide users with a plethora of features worth trying. However, if you want to have access to more content, you plan to use the app on one device, and you enjoy open-source software, Kodi is the best option for you.

But, if you plan to use the app on multiple devices, and look for a simple service, Plex can suit your needs best.


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