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Kakao Releases its First 5G Smartphone

One more Asian brand wants to compete with huge companies like Samsung or Huawei, and it might actually put on a good fight. Kakao launches Stage 5G, an impressive smartphone developed by Stage Five, a 5G service that is affiliated with Kakao.

Stage 5G is equipped with powerful specs: 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, wireless charging, fingerprint reader, facial recognition, a triple camera setup on the rear, 6.47-inch FHD Plus Display, and all powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 5G.


The Stage 5G is close to $1000, which is a reasonable price for the specs it’s capable of. Even so, it’s a bit cheaper than that: 814,000 won ($700).

The main selling point of the phone for most users, though, will be that it is specifically created to use Kakao’s services, according to Stage Five. The phone features the  Kakao Navi, Kakao Pay, Kakao T, and Kakao Page apps pre-installed.

5G in South Korea

5G connectivity in South Korea isn’t something new at all for the Asian country. Samsung already offers 5G support with its Galaxy S10 flagship, and LG also unveiled its V50 ThinQ 5G shortly after.

2020 is expected to be the outburst of 5G technology since it’s highly demanded. There are already 5G phones on the market, as it was mentioned earlier, but they are not representing a standard just yet. While some voices are claiming that 5G is just a caprice, the truth is that it will literally save lives. For example, future cars with 5G support onboard will be able to detect threats in traffic in no-time, both from other drivers or purely natural like a tornado.

Who else would buy a 5G smartphone? Surely the Stage 5G will be selling like warm bread in South Korea, and the best news is that it’s not really unaffordable.


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