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JioTV+ (Android TV) Version Improves Reliability

JioTV is a service that lets users watch their favorite TV channels and programs on mobile devices. Customers can buy and play a live program, or catch-up shows telecast over the last week.

JioTV works on iOS and Android devices, both smartphones, and tablets. To run JioTV, your device must have iOS 7.0 or higher, or Android 4.1 or higher.

Though JioTV is such a capable and useful app, it only requires about 40MB of storage space on your device, so it’s light on data.

To Watch JioTV, you have to be connected to the internet either via 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Newest Version

Jio TV reached version

We appreciate the developers’ effort to keep the app up to date and as reliable as possible.

The app can be updated in various ways. First, there’s the standard approach – Google Play. That is the best option since you get the latest version of the app from a secure source, which means that you should be clear of viruses and malware, potentially.

If the app hasn’t updated itself yet, make sure that you turn on auto-updates or manually update it from Google Play.

There are third-party solutions available, but we recommend that you try to avoid them. You never know what sort of malware lurks inside a seemingly harmless app update.

Google Play is your safest bet when it comes to installing updates for your apps or new apps.

The significant aspect of Google Play is that it also features user reviews to know what you are getting into.

It would help if you tried to keep JioTV updated to ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest functional updates that the developers prepared for the app.


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