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JioCall Update Rolled Out With Performance Improvements

In recent years smartphone devices have become so popular that some telecom operators have decided to retire their own landline services since the number of active users has become too low. However, the lack of modern telecom infrastructure means that some people may not have access to a mobile phone number in some areas. JioCall tackles this problem by allowing users to harness their landline number into a usable one for their smartphones.

The service is easy to use once the JioCall app is installed on your device. Enter the ten-digit landline number and use it to send or receive calls and messages whenever you want. JioCall relies on the popular VoLTE standard to bring a great experience on your smartphone as long as it is compatible with the 2G, 3G, or 4G standards.

JioCall is also a great solution if you use a non- VoLTE smartphone as long as you can use a JioSIM or a JioFi. Indian users will also enjoy access to the RCS service, which packs a large number of excellent features.

JioCall update brings fixes and improvements

Stay connected with friends and family across the world as JioCall offers support for fixed lines and mobile. Make and receive calls in a seamless manner with landline and mobile numbers; join teleconferences to discuss ideas or projects, and enjoy a crystal-clear quality at all times.

Employ JioCall to send and receive messages and text to and from any mobile number. Use RCS to join group chats, share funny images with your friends, or share your location with just a few taps. Send important documents like PDFs in a flash and gain the benefits of unified chat experience by making JioCall your default messaging app.

The Rich Call feature can make a voice call even better with the addition of several features like location, images, or short messages. JioCall4.3.10.1 update comes with new performance enhancements.

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