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iPhone 9 Plus Might Come Out Along With The iPhone 9, the iOS 14 Code Suggests

Until now, we only heard rumors about one of Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone; however, it looks like the company plans to launch three of the so-called low-price models. This new information is coming from the 9to5Mac detective work on the iOS 14 code. They have discovered something that could turn out to be a larger model of the previous 4.7-inch iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 Plus would come with a larger display than the standard iPhone 9

The upcoming low-budget smartphones from Apple are probably going to be upgraded versions of the iPhone 8 series. The so-called iPhone 9 Plus will feature a bigger screen than the previously rumored version, sporting a 5.5-inch display. However, when it comes to the chip, the iPhone 9 Plus will feature a faster A13 chip, similar to the iPhone 11 version. It will also come with an NFC tag scanner in the background.

Both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 9 models will more than likely replace the current iPhone 8 series. The price will be more attractive for consumers, more affordable, and both are the perfect smartphone models for people who are not ready for iPhone’s new Face ID features.

What about iOS 14?

The upcoming iOS 14 hardware release date has not been confirmed; however, the rumors point out toward sometime in this year’s fall. The late release date does not mean that we will have to wait until fall to see these phones on the market. We kind of expect Apple to release an iOS 13.4 update to support the upcoming iOS 14 hardware.

We also need to be patients because the coronavirus outbreak keeps interfering with everyone’s plans. Therefore we expect some delays as people are very reluctant to be outside at the moment. Who is going to go shopping in the current situation? Not many people. More details on the upcoming iPhone 9 series release date to be revealed soon.


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