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iPhone 12 series release date and pre orders release date

iPhone 12 series would have already come out if this were typical times. However, Apple announced the upcoming series is postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. We have been waiting for the company to announce the release date for a good period of time, and it looks like the lineup is right around the corner. Apple is most likely to release its iPhone 12 range on October 13.

The reason I believe so is that many hints indicate toward the beginning of next month. The most recent news comes from AppleInsider, claiming the same thing. Although the information is not official, we could be looking toward a possible October 13 release. According to the same tipster, the iPhone 12 series will be up for pre-order on Friday, October 16.

However, they did not provide any evidence to sustain the latest news. On the other hand, AppleInsider said they are working for a carrier in the Netherlands, which curiously matches their IP address. Therefore, their tip might turn out to be accurate. It makes sense that at least a few mobile networks staff would know when they’ll deliver new products.

I believe the date to be quite close to the truth is the fact that other leakers suggested the same. For example, Jon Prosser said the iPhone 12 range would be delivered on the week commencing October 12. Taking into consideration Apple’s tradition to release new products on a Tuesday, it makes sense that the leaker referred to October 13.

However, Apple might also release the iPhone 12 line up sooner than October 13. According to Marc Allera, the CEO of EE and BT Consumer in the UK, “we are just days away from Apple’s next major launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G”. The info comes from MacRumors, and since we don’t know anything official, it could turn out to be the truth.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 12 line up is closer to us than ever. Apple is more than likely to release the series at the end of the month or early October.


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