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iPhone 12 Pro Max Leak Reveals Numerous Powerful Features

A brand new leak has unveiled a bunch of information about the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max​, including its camera specs, LiDAR sensor, and a 120Hz refresh-rate display. However, that’s not all, as Face ID information and confirmation of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s design have also been comprised in the leak.

Considering the amount of data the leak contains, it is no surprise it was shared by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who has a video of a Product Validation Testing (PVT version) of the iPhone 12 Pro Max​. Therefore, it is very probable to be close to the finished version of the high-end iPhone 12 model.

iPhone 12 Pro Max – LiDAR and Camera Settings 

The video showed some screenshots of the camera settings for the forthcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max​, which confirms a LiDAR sensor on that model. The sensor will help with autofocus and subject detection in video recording and when using the cameras in night mode.

[Source: Jon Prosser]
The leak also unveiled the fact that the iPhone 12 Pro Max​ will be capable of capturing 4K footage at 120 fps and a massive 240 fps 4K slow-motion. This means the video specs on the iPhone 12 Pro Max​ should have a remarkable enhance over the abilities of the iPhone 11 Pro Max​, which can capture 4K at 60 fps and 120 fps in slow-motion mode.

[Source: Jon Prosser]
Other camera specs include an improved night mode with extended exposure times, upgraded noise detection, and the capacity to activate bit depth video. The latter setting implies an option to capture video in various color bit options, but FPT did not give much detail about it. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max – 120Hz Display 

Previous rumors regarding the iPhone 12 Pro Max​ display have ended up confusing people, with Prosser, claiming that we can expect a 120Hz refresh rate on the model, and others, like display analyst and leaker Ross Young saying that the iPhone 12 won’t come with a high refresh-rate screen.

​However, the video claims the iPhone 12 Pro Max​ will have a 120Hz display, showing a screenshot of the settings having the ‘enable high refresh rate’ option, as well as a setting for ‘adaptive refresh rate,’ with an explanation that the setting will change the display refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz in ‘accordance to the content displayed on-screen.’

[Source: Jon Prosser]
Overall, it seems like a 120Hz display is likely included in the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max​, but not in the regular iPhone 12 models. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max – Design 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max​ has slightly slimmer bezels in comparison to its predecessor. There were speculations that the display notch would be smaller, but that doesn’t appear to be correct; Prosser noted that in the video, the notch looks smaller because it was placed in a larger 6.7-inch display.

However, this size makes it possible for Face ID to work faster as it will detect the user’s face from a wider angle. Beneath the case, FPT’s source said there will be flat edges as claimed by other leaks, but the screen will allegedly curve into them.

In addition, the rear camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro Max​ will occupy around 10 percent more space on the back of the device than it does on its predecessor. That is, however, not surprising as the developers have added one more sensor.

iPhone 12 Outlook

It appears like the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will be the smartphones you’ll get if you’d like to use everything Apple‘s iPhones have best. The regular iPhone 12 models seem to be more of a repetitive upgrade over the iPhone 11.

However, with the A14 Bionic under the hood, which is expected to offer remarkable performance and battery efficiency, we can say that Apple will pack the standard iPhone 12 with numerous features to make it compelling.

The iPhone 12 range is expected to be revealed in September of this year.


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