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iPhone 12 Might Launch With A Sensor-Shift Stabilization Technology

The year of 2020 is the most waited year because of the novelties on the gadget market that will come. The rumors and leaks are all over the roof when it comes to new flagships and devices. The future iPhone is not something to miss, so the novelty for 2020 is the next iPhone 12 will have a new feature. The feature is named Shift Sensor Stabilization. Let’s see what this new rumor says about the supposed feature that will come in the new iPhone 12 is.

According to rumors, Apple will launch the next iPhone 12 in 2020, with the 5G network added and the new sensor-shift stabilization. Also, not every model from the iPhone 12 line will have this feature. Only the premium models will have this improvement in the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The feature is practically a technology that has the purpose of adjusting the position of the sensors when they are detecting a movement.

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Besides this, we are curious to see which from the four models will receive the improvement. Rumors are saying that Apple will launch in the fall of 2020 the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone Pro Max, and the iPhone 9/SE2. What all the rumors are mentioning for sure is the addition of the 5G networks for all the models.

Also, the technology can function with all the sensors that are present on an iPhone, even the add-on lenses. Gathering all the rumors, we can make a summary. The 5G network for all the iPhone 12 models, the Qualcomm modems, the screens will be LCDs and OLED depending on each model, and the size will start from 4.7 inches until 6.4 inches. Finally, everybody is waiting for Apple to bring the next iPhones with a total makeover. We have to wait and see what the company has thought for the iPhone 12 and if Apple will be the leader in 2020 of the smartphone market.


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