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iPhone 12: Leaks and Rumors. Here Is What You Should Expect for the Most Wanted Device of All Times

iPhone 12 series is Apple’s most desired product since the apparition of the iPhone 11. Commonly referred to as the phone with the “best camera so far,” the iPhone 11 will probably be surpassed by iPhone 12. The top-camera phone status was the result of impressive camera setup, being composed of a triple-camera array with 12MP wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

As a response to Apple’s long-awaited product, Samsung began promoting its Galaxy S20 series, which brings a 100x zoom, as well as a 108MP sensor. The unique features were shortly appreciated by the large public, and this is why it is expected that iPhone 12 series will bring a much bigger competitor than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

According to Digitimes, the iPhone 12 will receive great upgrades, including a 7-element sensor. Up until now, there has been no official information that could offer in-depth details regarding the number of pixels that would be present in each sensor. The introduction of these elements is of the utmost importance, given the fact that it is not about the number of elements included, but their compatibility. Therefore, a perfect blend of sensors would automatically lead to a better reduction of distortion, noise, and several other unwanted elements in an image.

While Samsung focuses on including bigger sensors, Apple seeks for clearer photos and crisper shots. It is clear that a Samsung user would not make use of its 108MP sensor, but creating a user-friendly experience would definitely improve the quality of your pictures.

Even though iPhone 11 is considered one of the best screens of all times, its competitors include OnePlus 8 Pro and Oppo Find X2 Pro. Digitimes has revealed that Apple currently focuses on including AMOLED screens for the upcoming series for the Pro version, which has already been included in iPad Pros.

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