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iPhone 12 could offer an interesting feature

The latest generation of iPhones was released less than one month ago, but many fans are already looking forward to the next models.

According to a new report, Apple may want to use LED lights to illuminate the logo on the rear of the device, a highlight which is already present on the Razer Phone, offered by the well-known company.

Both the Razer Phone and the Razer Phone 2 offer an illuminated logo on the rear, which proudly displays the logo of the company. MacBooks have sported illuminated logos for a long time, but it is anticipated that the iPhone 12 will be the first of its kind to include the bling.

The source of information is a patent that was published recently. It is important to know that not all patent applications will result in a real implementation. However, it is mandatory to apply for it before the product or feature is released (unless the company plans to leave it available for everyone).

Within the patent a MacBook is also mentioned, which isn’t that surprising since the illuminated logo has been a staple for years. In January 2019 Apple received a patent for a watch band that features inner LED indicators, which could glow as a response to notifications among other possible functions.

Of course, the rumor factory is already hard at work, and there are many rumors related to the iPhone 12 range. Many analysts anticipate that at least one of the future iPhones will offer support for 5G. Apple decided to skip the standard for now, since the implementation of 5G networks is still in the early stages and the adoption rate appears to be quite slow for now.

Some sources speculate that the Cupertino giant will also opt to include a fourth camera in the form of a time-of-flight sensor, which should further enhance the quality of images recorded with the device. Only time will tell which of the rumors are true.


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