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iPad Pro 2020 Update – Latest Leaks And Rumors

The 2020 iPad Pro is the next big Apple product that was meant to be launched in a few weeks if Coronavirus wouldn’t have struck.

The new iPad Pro will pack new tech and features. Most people refer to it as the 2020 iPad Pro, and it will probably keep that name before Apple reveals its official name.

The good news is that Apple somehow released a lot of information regarding the future iOS update, and tech analysts soon posted it online. The leak suggests that the new iPad Pro 2020 will be available in two screen sizes with two connectivity options.

The Leak

According to the iOS leak, the upcoming iPad Pro will be available in the following configurations:

  • A2228: 11-inch Wi-Fi
  • A2231: 11-inch cellular
  • A2229: 12.9-inch Wi-Fi
  • A2233: 12.9-inch cellular

The leak also suggests that the Smart Keyboard accessory for the new iPad Pro will also be upgraded.

An embedded trackpad will improve the performance and, even more impressive, an advanced mouse support system for the tablet will be included.

Initial Plans

Apple originally planned to host a glamorous event at the end of March 2020 to reveal the upcoming iPad Pro, iPhone lineup, and Apple TV Gen X.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been recognized as a global issue, which leads to the cancellation of all significant tech-related events so that mass gatherings will be avoided.

Therefore, the launch date for the 2020 iPad Pro will be delayed, but it’s not yet known for how long.

Apple’s Chinese factories have been closed. Though they tried moving the production plants to Taiwan, that idea has failed.

Stay tuned to learn more about the iPad Pro. We hope to see Apple host an online presentation of sorts so that we learn more about the high-power tablet.

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