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iPad Pro (2019) Leak Revealed That The Device Would Sport Three Primary Cameras

While Asian and American huge companies are in a stiff competition to show who’s got the more impressive and with high-end specs smartphones, it’s time for other technological beauties to get in front line news: tablets, and not just because we will talk about one created by Apple. It’s true that most people would prefer a smartphone instead of a tablet, but tablet fans don’t have to be left aside. The real deal is the camera, which is actually consisting of three primary cameras!

You are probably all familiar with smartphones packing 3 or 4 lenses for their primary camera, but it’s now time for tablets to shine in the same way. And also even literally, considering the triggering of LED flash when you take a picture. Sonny Dickson published a photo of iPad Pro tablet with its cameras, proving what has been said by unofficial sources that Apple’s new tablet will have 3 cameras.

The three primary cameras on iPad Pro (2019) look very similar to those on iPhone 11 models

Some of you may blame Apple for lack of originality, but it shouldn’t be the case here as long as both devices are created by them. Nothing is wrong with applying the same recipe for more than one pot of soup, so that’s kind of what Apple did now. And perhaps fans will fall in love with the design of the triple camera, the 3 lenses and the flash being contained in a housing. And let’s be fair, there is one difference between the cameras from iPhone and this one from iPad Pro: the housings have different shapes.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the iPad Pro (2019), but we can expect more new rumors and maybe even official news in the near future. The guys from Apple look very motivated to bring new stuff to the public to buy since iPhone 11 has been launched and the American companies are as well very active on the market.


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