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iPad Air 2019 Owners Could Receive Free Screen Replacements To Tackle A Manufacturing Issue

Apple has announced that a new repair and replacement program will be available for the owners of select iPad Air 2019 units. Some users have complained that their devices have been affected by a significant manufacturing vice, which renders them useless as a screen flickers and remains blank.

It appears that the issue surfaces in the case of devices which were assembled between March and October 2019. Eligible owners will receive a free display replacement at authorized service providers, which is great if they leave close to one.

How to see if the program is available for your device

To verify if the screen your device needs to be replaced, you will have to go to an authorized repair center, an Apple Store, or contact Apple via email. It is advised to perform a full iCloud backup before the reparation is completed since some data may be lost in some cases.

Users who damaged their device via mechanical shocks (they dropped it on the floor or other hard surfaces) would not be eligible for the program even if their devices were manufactured between the specified interval. Keep in mind the fact that the technicians can tell if a device was affected by a mechanical shock even if there are no visible marks on the exterior.

More details on the free screen replacements for iPad Air 2019 devices

While the program will be available for two years since the unit was purchased from an authorized reseller, the warranty will not be extended. Apple may also opt to enforce specific rules. In some cases, the device can only be repaired in the country from which it was purchased, even if authorized service centers are available in the country where the owner lives in the present.

As previously mentioned, the eligibility is limited to the third generation of Apple iPad Air devices, which were manufactured between March and October 2019 and Apple stated that other iPad models aren’t included in the initiative.

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