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Iowa education leader hails work-based learning initiative

In Iowa State, the current scenario is somewhat where the businesses have joined hands with the state to provide the students with opportunities of experiencing the real world. The businesses are being expected of acting as a model of inspiration to boost education related to a career in the district schools of Iowa.

According to the reports released by Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, the state is making use of the Iowa Clearinghouse, which is currently unveiled to motivate students to indulge in Work-Based Learning and is helping them to grasp on to as much knowledge as possible, which shall be fruitful to them in the real world.

Ryan Wise, who is the Director of Department of Education of Iowa, said that the Clearinghouse is now being used as a virtual workspace to promote the idea to the students for getting hold of work-based learning. The government and non-profitable organizations and businesses are asked to post tasks required in the real-world, which shall be completed by the students here, under the supervision of the teachers and experts in the respective categories.

Teachers are permitted to help the students to connect with the job shadows, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities here.


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