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iOS 14 Will Permit Testing The Apps Before Download

The iOS 14 upgrade is expected to be launched on the 28th of September. Apple is still working on its improvements and features, while the beta version is expected to be launched in June. Fans are aiming for high-end features from this upgrade, since the upcoming series, the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2 are going to be launched with the iOS 14.

Apple is proud to present successful updates over the years. Every time an upgrade is launched, it brings innovative features to the devices such as changes in the interface and new applications to improve the user experience. Currently, the Internet is drowned in rumors regarding the forthcoming features of iOS 14. One of the most interesting ones is the possibility for fans to try a series of apps before actually downloading them.

iOS 14 To Allow Users Test Apps And Games Without Downloading Them

The iOS 14 is going to feature an option that will probably improve to maximize the experience of those users who have not accessed to high-speed data or enough memory on their phones. Here comes the implication of the upcoming upgrade, which will allow users to try the application before even downloading it. A specially designed app called Clips will be responsible for letting the users get a glimpse of the desired app.

This will prove as a successful tool since probably all of us have encountered times where the apps that we downloaded were not what we expected to be. The app demonstrates in handy when trying certain games to determine whether they fit your tastes or not, without wasting time and data.

The Android users already benefit from a similar feature, which is called “Instant Apps,” and it is available when in Google Play Store, you press the Try Now button. This idea was implemented by Google back in 2015, and it had great success since the loading time takes only a few seconds, and the users get a real experience. Now, is Apple’s turn to add such a function to iOS 14.

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