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IOS 14 Promises a Secure Environment for Apple Users

The leaks are showing that the upcoming iOS 14 upgrade is going to bring numerous state-of-the-art features for Apple users. The reports are confirming that the company’s primary focus is to improve the iCloud Keychain application. Apple is militating for privacy and safety during the navigation of its platform. Therefore they want to make sure that the users do not opt for using third-party password managers. The upcoming upgrade for this app is going to make sure that all the Apple users are accessing iCloud keychain, making this application the manager of their passwords.

In addition to this, the company is testing at the moment the future possibilities that could facilitate the usage and storage of passwords from different platforms. Keychain came as a relief for Apple users since its primary goal is to store and manage the passwords on any platform that the user is introducing in the iOS device.

iOS 14 might launch this year

Even though the application has reported several issues with its users, the iOS 14 update is focusing on preventing these issues from happening again and improving its quality. The security of the Keychain application is subject to change. Users will encounter the two-factor authentication option available either through SMS or email.

In addition to that, the user will be warned when there are two simultaneous activities on different gadgets. The user will be notified as well when an old password is being reentered.

Even though the ongoing pandemic is not delaying the developments of the upgrade, the release date might be later than expected. The tech giant Cupertino is keeping the improvements of the platform under careful consideration, while the Apple’s software developers are working for the upgrades from home. The WWDC 2020 is going to take place on the online platform and will be streamed in real-time, keeping an eye on the social distancing measures taken by the governments. The iOS 14 is scheduled to be released this year.


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