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iOS 14 Leak Revealed New Details About CarPlay, Apple Maps, iPhone 9, and More

Recent leaks regarding the upcoming iOS 14 are predicting outstanding upgrades in Apple’s hardware and software. The company is thought to release a revolutionary blood measuring instrument for the Apple Watch, as well as a professional version of the iPhone 9. The technology blog 9to5Mac is analyzing Apple’s future releases. They are presenting more improvements designed for applications such as CarPlay and Apple Maps.

Rumors about iOS 14 give to the large public insight in Apple’s new products and software. It is said that 2020 is going to bring on the market the iPhone 9 aka iPhone SE 2, an upgraded iOS, iOS 14, a brand-new Apple Watch featuring the function to measure blood pressure, CarPlay updates, and a more accurate Apple Maps app.

Users get more accurate details with CarPlay and Apple Maps in iOS 14

As far as the novelties are concerned, the CarPlay platform might get specially designated wallpapers, while the Apple Maps is improved by adding accurate and real details.

For example, if an Apple user wants to get information about the location of an Apple Store, details like the actual repair availability will be as well displayed. This comes as an improvement to what current technology offers: ordinary details such as the store’s location and contact details.

Apple is militating for less time waste

What is even more interesting about this upgrade is the fact that the Apple user can get a real impression on the availability of the Genius Bar employees. With just one click the customer will know if his local store can solve his phone problems within the same day.

A new phone is expected on the market – iPhone 9 Plus (iPhone SE 2 Plus)

Moreover, the iOS 14 code hints to a state-of-the-art iPhone 9 Plus that is expected to launch with the A13 Bionic chip technology, paying homage to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Therefore, 2020 is announced to be an innovative year for the American multinational technology company.

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