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iOS 14 Jailbreak At Mosec 2020 by Pangu – Are We Close To An Official Release Date?

Apple introduced iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. The new version of the operating system would add various new features that will also be present in the beta release.

However, jailbreakers quickly took notice and started working on their magic, so a jailbreak is expected later this year.

According to the latest news, the Pangu team has showcased a functional iOS 14 jailbreak at Mosec 2020, a mobile security company.


The demo jailbreak is working on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and the video was posted online by Min (Spark) Zheng on Twitter.

However, we believe that you shouldn’t be too optimistic about a potential release this year.

Developers will cover up their discovery since it can disclose various possibilities of exploit.

However, a new jailbreak tool may be released later this year, but no official date or estimated period is known.

The Pangu team hasn’t released any new tools for the latest build. The last time they released a functional jailbreak was when iOS 9 was released, years ago.

We can’t expect them to release a full-fledged, functional iOS 14 jailbreak for the beta version, mainly because Apple will quickly take notice and patch the exploit at the base of the jailbreak in the next update.

Here is the Twitter post that announced the jailbreak demo:

However, we salute the Pangu team to manage to jailbreak iOS 14 though it has improved security protocols compared to previous versions.

Over the years, Apple’s iOS has become extremely hard for hackers to discover exploits that can allow them to jailbreak a device.


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