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iOS 14 – ‘Gobi’ AR Commerce Service And New Changes

A new collection of data buried deep inside an iOS 14 build has been uncovered, and it contains some of Apple’s plans for implementing augmented reality features on the iPhone.

A leaked edition of the upcoming iOS 14 update includes user interface icons, mockups, and other data related to Apple’s “Find My” app, alongside Gobi, a future AR commerce service.

About Gobi

Gobi’s primary purpose appears to be the facilitation of commerce by using AR.

The leaked files also contain some QR codes which can be scanned in the app to open pages that feature products from Apple and partners.

Some of the QR codes have the typical square design, but others are different – They are apple branded, colorful, and have a pleasing circular design.

It was discovered that Gobi includes a 3D render of an Apple Watch that can be interacted with, sort of like someone would in real life.

The in-store mode has files that prove that Gobi can be used for discounts at partner vendors.

One of the discovered files contains a render of a placeholder pagoda, under the name of “Sbux_Preview.”

Josh Constine, a former TechCrunch writer, thinks that it could “show how AR might spruce up the decoration of the cafes while giving visitors something to play with.”

Find My – Updates

The new leak also bought some information about AR integration features to surface.

Some files and haptic feedback codes hint that the “Find My” app can help users find a missing device in new ways.

If the “Find My” app is opened in VR mode, it will make the phone play encouraging tones when the user gets closer to the device they are trying to find.

Constine posted a video of it on YouTube:



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