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iOS 14: Back Tap Feature Launches Apps and More

iOS 14, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, comes with numerous features that were not revealed on the stage at WWDC 2020, the tech giant’s annual event, during which it announces its latest developments.  

One of the features that did not get mentioned during the event is the ‘Back Tap,’ a new accessibility feature that allows you to double-tap or triple tap on the back of the phone to carry out a custom task. The new function looks incredibly useful. It seems you can link the double or triple tap options to a variety of system tasks, such as taking a screenshot, locking or muting your phone, changing the volume, and even launching certain apps like Google Assistant 

Back Tap also allows you to activate Shortcuts, which launched a new range of possible automation options. By using Apple’s HomeKit, for instance, you could create a shortcut that enables or disables all the lights in your house, then activate it by double-tapping the back of your device. Also, you could use app shortcuts to launch apps, such as sending a message via WhatsApp or a tweet on Twitter 

The function is available on iOS 14 on the settings menu and under the ‘Accessibility’ section. Below is the feature in action, courtesy of @adityadaniel 

As per people who have installed the iOS 14 beta already, Back Tap functions incredibly well, even with a phone case on. Still, we’ll have to wait to see how dependable it is in real-world tests.   

Apple is not the only one to come up with such a feature. HTC allows users to tap and even squeeze the sides of the U12+ to carry out certain actions, and Pixel lets you tap the screen when locked to check the notifications, while Asus allows Zenfone 2 users to double-tap on the screen to unlock it. Moreover, Google seems to be testing a similar feature in Android 11 

If you’ve installed the iOS 14 beta and used Back Tap, let us know what you discovered in the comments section below. 


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