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iOS 13.5 Brings New Medical ID Feature – When it’s Releasing

As many people throughout the world are facing medical problems during these hard times of the ongoing pandemic, Apple’s new operating system update will provide some significant help. iOS 13.5 arrives in the upcoming weeks, without its developers announcing a precise release date.

The highlight of the new update for iOS is represented by a new feature for Medical ID. In case you’re an Apple user and you need to dial 911, you’ll easily be able to share your Medical ID file with the call center.

Available for beta testers

The new 13.5 update for iOS is already available for users who are enrolled in the beta program. The Medical ID functionality is an encrypted file where users can store data about their health.

With the new functionality, you could say that Apple is indirectly fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Dialing 911 for being ill due to the new coronavirus is something common, although it’s more recommended to contact your doctor first. Being a highly contagious disease, you could save some lives if you choose not to rush at the hospital.

The sharing of Medical ID data with emergency services could provide responders with everything they need to know about the sick person before they rush to the location. Health officials will be better equipped when they arrive at the location of the patient.

iOS 13.5 works for both iPads and iPhones, as Apple will keep releasing related products in this area for the near future. The iPhone 12 is expected to arrive in September, and the hints point to the lack of any delay caused by the new coronavirus spread. The device will be Apple’s flagship for 2020, and it’s expected to be a major improvement for the iPhone 11 model released in 2019. Apple seems to have only good things to bring for its users.

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