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iOS 13.1 Available with New Features and Performance Improvements

iOS 13 has been launched recently, and only after a few days we have iOS 13.1 ready to be installed on iPhones and iPads. Although it has been released earlier than expected, fans of Apple are used to the classic move by the American company of launching an update with bug fixes just a few days after a major operating system upgrade. But now it’s not only about bugs fixes.

New features and performance improvements

Apple Maps features and an interactive way of displaying lyrics in iOS 13.1 are just a few of the new stuff the new update brings. If you want to go see somebody using Apple Maps, you’ll now have an option to share with him or her your estimated time of arrival. As you continue towards your destination, if Apple Maps concludes that you’ll arrive later than what was anticipated, a message will automatically be sent to the person letting him or her know you’re going to be late but on your way to the meeting.

How about turning your device into a karaoke machine? A lot of people enjoy karaoke in bars, so why not have such a thing in your pocket? iOS 13.1 allows that, via Apple Music app, where lyrics of the songs will be displayed as a karaoke-like stream. All you have to do while listening to music is tap the lyrics button to launch the karaoke machine.

How to install iOS 13.1

Getting iOS 13.1 is very simple. All you have to do is have the iOS 13 installed, open the Settings app, tap on General > Software Update and let your iPhone do the rest.

It looks like Apple is pretty much in competition with Google, since both companies are members of the “Big Four” and are launching as many updates and devices as they can. It will be interesting to see who will be the winner in the end.


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