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Intel Delayed Launcher – Should You Disable it?

We have to admit that nobody likes it when the system takes forever to boot up, but patience is a true virtue and you have to embrace it. During the boot process, the computer has many ongoing operations, and it’s totally normal to last a while. But the issue of Intel Delayed Launcher is truly a special thing, as it requires some extra time to load. Since time is a luxury that we sometimes don’t have, we have to learn how to deal with the issue.

First of all, you must know that the Intel Delayed Launcher is a crucial component of your computer, because it prevents viruses and malware to enter the system while booting. It exists by the file name ‘iastoriconlaunch.exe’, and it’s part of Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

How to disable the Delayed Launcher

You should bear in mind that this is an unrecommended operation. The Intel Delayed Launcher keeps your computer safe from malware, and it’s totally worth the extra amount of time of about 1 minute needed for the tool to do its job. But if you’re willing to disable it on your own risk, you have to follow several easy steps.

For Windows 10 and 8:

  1. Find the Task Manager within your computer. We recommend to have a desktop shortcut, because it’s a highly important program. If not, simply type Ctrl + Shft + Esc to bring it out.
  2. Expand the Task Manager by selecting ‘more details’.
  3. Click the “Startup” tab
  4. Look for your Delayed Launcher option within the showcased list.
  5. Click on the tool once you find it.
  6. As soon as you find the Disable button on the right-hand corner, click on it.
  7. Restart your computer to save the changes and see the effects.

For Windows 7:

It’s a lot different to disable the Intel Delayed Launcher on Windows 7, but still nothing too hard. These are the steps:

  1. Press Windows + R on the keyboard to bring up the Run Tab.
  2. Type “MSConfig” press Enter.
  3. The System Configuration Window will open on your screen, and you’ll have to click the ‘Startup’ Tab.
  4. Look for Delayed Launcher on the list and uncheck it.
  5. Select to apply, then click ‘OK’.
  6. Restart your PC for saving the changes.

That’s all, easy as a walk in the park. Your system will run faster now, but keep in mind that you can’t undo the disabling of the Intel Delayed Launcher once you opt for it.


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