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Instagram Update Will Allow Users To Hide Stories To Specific People

A new feature for Instagram is under development. Jane Manchun Wong, the Reverse-engineer, has hinted an under-test option on Instagram recently. A “Hide specific Stories option from specific people,” has been unveiled by the apps’ backend testing. What should we expect?

Well, firstly, the feature will be efficient and useful if you have something to hide from some people. That’s pretty much obvious. The selection of a story to be concealed can be managed to even a single person. So, we’ll get more confidence and security that we’re safe with our thoughts. It would also be, as Jane said, “good for one-off occasions!”

New Instagram Feature Promises to Keep Your Stories Hidden

Jane posted on Twitter a screenshot of the feature. We can notice under the Instagram story of Jane, the option “Change who can see this.” There is also the “You can choose to hide this photo from specific people” option. The search bar appears visible, most likely for the handles whom you desire to ban from seeing your stories.

You’ll get more confident to post whatever you feel like, and don’t fear someone might tear you down with negativity. Or, you can always post that exclusive stuff from one person only or a group of friends.

The Usefulness of the Upcoming Instagram ‘Hide Stories’ Feature

The “hide alternative” can be very useful in censoring some content, for example, sensitive, unpleasant, and unaesthetic content not meant for kids at all on Instagram. The feature will grow on you as you will get more ensured the backlash could be anytime stopped.

Jane also confirmed that the hide feature from selective people option is in the public testing stage. So, you might spot it in your app. We still don’t have any official confirmation from Instagram and neither timeline of its development.


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