Instagram Suggests Users Who To Unfollow

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there. It flaunts more than one billion active users, and one of the things that make this app be so popular is that it only focuses on photo and video sharing.

More than that, it’s also important to mention that the app’s developers are updating it on a regular basis. This is to offer users the best possible experience while using the platform.

Speaking of updates, not too long ago, we reported that Instagram starts rolling out its Direct Messaging system to the desktop site. In other words, this means that users will finally be able to keep up with their conversations from the browser.

This is a feature that has been requested for a long time for users, and it seems that it’s finally happening.

The new update offers users an Unfollow list

It’s been revealed that despite the fact that most of the Instagram updates bring new filters and bug fixes, this one is pretty different.

It’s not focusing on performances, but the update aims to make it much easier for users to clean up the newsfeed.

from now on, Instagram will offer users a list that shows people who they interact with the least. Using this list, people will be able to unfollow those specific users.

A spokesperson from Instagram stated the following: “Instagram is really about bringing you closer to the people and things you care about — but we know that over time, your interests and relationships can evolve and change.”

“Whether you graduate, move to a new city, or become obsessed with a new interest and find a community, we want to make it easier to manage the accounts you follow on Instagram so that they best represent your current connections and interests,” concluded the spokesperson.

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