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Instagram Launched ‘Boomerang Mode’ To Enhance Stories

Instagram is such a popular thing right now. Everyone uses it, and there is no teenager out there who does not own an Instagram account.
The app has recently added some new options to the Boomerang camera mode for Stories. We are talking about “Duo,” “SloMo,” and “Echo.”

The team behind the app has posted a tweet saying, “SlowMo, Echo, Duo. Boomerang has new creative twists that’ll make you say ‘yaaassssss.’ Try them all out today.” This new option added more ways in which users can use the Boomerang option to make their Instagram Stories better. Moreover, Instagram also added the ability to ‘trim and tweak’ your Boomerang loop if you want to have better control over your story.

Instagram released the new Boomerang mode

That new Boomerang mode on Instagram and the trimming option were first seen in the beta version, tested by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. This happened back in August and November. Her first discovery was that the new Boomerang modes showed six specific options to choose from. There are only three of these that made the final cut, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t be added later.

Boomerang is very popular among the users, and there are still a lot of people that are trying to create the perfect video for their Instagram Stories. The feature is quite easy if not, the easiest way to develop your visual presentation and make your Stories enjoyable.

How can users get the new mode?

The new Boomerang mode is available in the latest version of the Instagram app, so make sure you update the app to get access to them.


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