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Instagram DMs merges with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger might soon extend its boundaries to Instagram DMsInstagram will integrate Facebook Messenger into its platform to allow the user to conduct conversations without switching apps. Facebook is the developer of Messenger; however, it also works as a separate platform. Facebook is a giant well-spread platform, which means its Messenger app is also linked to many other social media platforms, including Instagram (now). 

Instagram DMs merges with Facebook Messenger

Don’t get confused about the Messenger integration to Instagram. That doesn’t mean that the two apps are merging. Any other messages and calls from other Instagram consumers will remain in the app. Any Instagram user can opt for enabling this feature if they wish to, which will permit conversations with Messenger friends and vice versa. The user can also choose to receive messages via Instagram DMs or message requests.

The Facebook Messenger integration will also bring some of its features to the Instagram app, such as the ability to reply to particular messages, the forward option, as well as customizing your chat looks. At the moment, the merge allows custom emoji reactions; however, in the near future, more features will be available. For example, message effects, Watch Together experiences, selfie sticker, and also the option to send messages with a time limit.

It looks like the Messenger-Instagram DMs merge is already available in a few regions. However, Facebook is planning to expand the option further soon. At least for now, the option is not compulsory, which means you can activate it by choice. Facebook has been testing the new tech since the summer. 

According to Instagram, the new change is to eliminate confusion. Some Facebook/Instagram users have a hard time finding conversations. Therefore, the new tech comes in aid in those situations. However, as you can already imagine, not everyone would be happy with the new changes. If your DMs from one app will show in the other, many will quit using Facebook or Instagram altogether.

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