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Instagram Dark Theme Update Comes with a New Gorgeous Look

For most people, a dark theme is way more comfortable for the eyes than a bright one. And an app so addictive as Instagram really needed such a theme, since its users are scrolling for hours among pics of nice-looking women and men, beautiful landscapes, expensive clothes, fancy shoes, make-up material, flowers, cats, dogs, food and much other stuff.

Instagram recently updated its iPhone app to take advantage of the dark mode present in iOS 13.

It looks gorgeous

The new theme for Instagram is mostly dark, having a black background and white text. The app’s dark theme seems like it matches perfectly the dark mode of the iOS 13. You will see some colors on this Instagram theme, though: the colored ring in the Stories section, and the images, obviously. But it would be a shame to not see all those vibrant colors from a photo containing food, plants or animals, even in a dark theme. But if you want only dark stuff, with pictures of bats, dark places, caves, and other stuff, you might as well personalize your feed.

No “on” and “off” buttons

A big issue might be the fact that Instagram doesn’t allow you to shift between dark mode and bright colors mode from the app itself like iOS 13 does for Twitter. Instead, you have to enable system-wide dark mode on your iOS 13, and it will automatically be activated for Instagram as well. To do this, go to Settings, choose Display & Brightness, and in the end, smash the Dark button without hesitation.

Of course, another way to get rid of the bright-looking Instagram is not to use the social media network ever again.

Therefore, those wanting to scroll among Instagram posts will do it in a much more comfortable way. After all, the Facebook-owned company has all the interest to keep users on the platform as much as possible. Are you ready to join the dark side of Instagram?


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