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Instagram Brings A Much-Awaited Change – DMs Reach The Web

It’s been just revealed that Instagram starts rolling out its Direct Messaging system to the desktop site. This means that you will finally be able to keep up with your conversations from the browser.

This is a feature that has been requested for a long time for users, and it seems that it’s finally happening.

The Next Web noted that the feature has been in testing for a really long time, and it’s great to see that confirmation is already on the way, according to the online publication.

The information is official, and it was released by the Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, who tweeted the hope that this can reach all users soon after the testing period.

You can check out his tweet below:

“For those of you into your DMs, today we start to test Direct on the desktop web. Now, it’s only a small percentage of people for now — we need to make sure it works well — but we hope to bring this to everyone soon.”

Positive feedback after the announcement 

The feedback after this announcement was mostly positive. People have been waiting for this for a really long time. Some users had other desires, as well, as you will see below.

Someone tweeted: “This is huge for those working to scale DM support! Love it,” and another user posted this: “Need this, still not available on my end. It would be lovely. Anyway, great move, and thanks.”

Somoene else said: “Adam, are there plans to bring DM to the api? We have brand customers waiting to be able to respond programmatically.”

One follower asked: “Can you guys focus on fixing the log-in issues everyone’s having before testing DM’s on desktop web.”

Another Twitter user said: “Great update, while you’re at it, can you also allow us to sign in to more than 5 accounts on the app for those of us who manage more than 5 accounts.”

It’s also worth noting that a couple of days ago, Instagram received an important update.


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