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Instagram Beta Update Improves Software Performance Of The App

It’s probably not too far-fetched to say that Instagram might be the most popular and loved social media platforms these days, along with Facebook, of course.

It’s also worth noting that these days there are a lot of individuals who are migrating from Facebook to Instagram, and this is happening for more reasons.

According to the latest research, it seems that teenagers are not necessarily fond of creating new Facebook accounts anymore because most of their pals are on Instagram these days.

Instagram’s popularity is on the rise these days, without a doubt, and one of the reasons is that it’s always being updated by developers.

Instagram devs are always making sure to keep the app updated so that users can enjoy the best possible experience while using the social media platform.

Speaking of updates, one just went live, and we’ll detail the most important things worth noting about it below.

Instagram Beta Update

The latest update for Instagram is rolling out right now, and this is being rolled out via the OTA channels.

The fact that the update is coming via over the air channels means one simple thing: in order to be able and get the update and enjoy the goodies that it brings, all that users have to do is keep their devices connected to a stable Internet connection – that’s all.

Of course, there’s always the otheer alternative of getting the update, and that’s via an APK, manually. APK stands for Android Package Kit.

Instagram fans will be happy to learn that thisd update aims to improve the overall software performances of the application.

This means that this latest update brings a bunch of bug fixes and software enhancements that will make sure to fix some issues that have been plaguing the app.

This means increased stability and no more crashes.


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