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Indian Government to Regulate ‘Significant’ Social Media Platforms

Social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, are now implementing new regulations that contain account identity verification, and more, as part of the platform guidelines in India.

The apps will now have to verify ‘fake news, malicious content, misinformation, racial slurs, gender abuse that may have an impact on the individual and society as a whole,’ the Indian IT Ministry stated.

The account identity verification is a factor mentioned in the social media guidelines the IT Ministry is putting out there. A reliable source reported that the regulations are currently a work in progress and will soon be sent to the Ministry of Law and Justice. The department wants to allegedly control misinformation, malicious information, and gender-biased opinions. After the law passes, account verification would be mandatory in India.

Significant Changes for Social Media are Underway

The personal data protection bill had suggested that social media networks turn on the ‘voluntary verification’ of every user. Those who are, therefore, verified, should be attributed a visible mark, similar to the biometric or physical identification, the bill states.

If the new regulations were implemented, it would be a bit different from the already existing verification settings the verified accounts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter have. The bill suggests the platforms develop a security check for the account verification system.

The suggested regulations have also mentioned the definition of ‘significant data fiduciary,’ based on the amount of personal data these apps collect. To better learn this, a quick look at the 2019 bill, which explains a few terms when it comes to the volume of personal data processed, will be enough. The sensitivity of this subject and the risk of great harm are also mentioned in the aforementioned bill.

Upon implementation, the Data Protection Authority may issue a data fiduciary as a ‘significant data fiduciary’ again, for social media platforms. The suggested implementations apply to ‘significant’ media social platforms, which will be determined using the number of users, the effect it has on society, India’s democracy, security, and overall harmony, the IT Minister said.


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