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Immutouch Wristband: a Device That Could Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has dispersed in numerous parts of the world by now, and health officials recommend people to try to prevent getting infected, as there is no specific treatment for it yet. One way to prevent the pathogen from getting to you is to wash your hands as often as possible and resist the urge to touch your face. But now, a startup called Slightly Robot has created a wristband to help people keep their hands away from their faces by vibrating when detecting such movement.

Immutouch is similar to an alarm sensor and vibrates each time you’d touch your face. It features an accelerometer that detects hand movement ten times per second, and once it is set, the device buzzes when you touch or come close to touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. The wristband also comes with an app that helps users keep up with their progress.

Immutouch Wristband Was Created to Prevent Contamination

A report by TechCrunch states that Immutouch is trying to bring some change in the response of the users. The device functions as a Pavlovian response where uses resist the drive to touch their faces because of the vibration on their wrist. The brain internalizes the negative feedback of the buzz, training users with repellent behavior to ignore the urge to touch their faces, the report notes.

“A problem the size of COVID-19 requires everyone to do their part, large or small,” said Slightly Robot co-founder Matthew Toles. “The three of us happened to be uniquely well equipped to tackle this one task and felt it was our duty to at least try.”

The Immutouch wristband is now available worldwide at the price of $50. The manufacturing company suggests users to wear it on their dominant hand because they are more prone to touch their face with that hand.

The idea could be adapted by other smartwatch and fitness band producers such as Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, and more, in order to help stop the devastating outbreak. Even though this is not a cure, it would definitely restrict the spread of the novel coronavirus.


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