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IGTV videos: Guide to share your own videos

Some of you may wonder how to post IGTV videos on your feed. Therefore, this article is a guide to answer your question. I’m going to help you throughout the whole process. Don’t worry; it takes just a few minutes to finish, so let’s start. Please follow the steps below accordingly. 

Easy guide to posting IGTV videos

If you ever tried to upload an IGTV video on Instagram, you may have noticed the next options: 

  • whether to upload or not your video as a preview on your feed 
  • whether to upload or not your video as a preview on your profile

The first thing you need to do is to start the posting process of IGTV videos. Before continuing further, I’m going to show you another easy guide on how to post them. Follow the next steps:

  1. open up your Instagram app
  2. go to your profile 
  3. swipe left, and a right sidebar will open up
  4. next, look for the Settings option from the sidebar and tap on it
  5. now you should have the full Settings options displayed 
  6. Click on Create a Channel button

Creating your own IGTV Channel will allow you to share videos. Follow the next steps o achieve just that: 

  1. once you create your Channel, the app takes you back to the IGTV home page
  2. that’s where all the popular IGTV videos are
  3. find your profile picture and tap on it
  4. it will take you to your own Channel
  5. next, you need to search for the + button
  6. you should now see all the videos you currently have in your gallery
  7. pick the video you want to share
  8. you should now see the upload screen
  9. here is the step where you can name your video and give it a small description 
  10. next, look for the one slider button
  11. by tapping on it, you will permit Instagram to upload that IGTV video as a preview on your feed
  12. but, before posting it, you can modify the cover of your IGTV video
  13. tap on the Post button to start posting your IGTV video

That’s all! Once you finished following the above steps, don’t forget to check your profile to see if it worked.


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