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How Will the Motorola Razr 2 of Next Year Look Like?

Motorola Razr 2019 was one of the very few foldable smartphones that were released this year. The models were designed by taking inspiration from Razr flip devices, and it appears that a new subsequent is currently being developed.

The smartphone in the makes is allegedly the Motorola Razr 2 (Motorola Razr​ 2020), as it might be dubbed, and it could launch next year. Motorola Razr​ of this year was an innovative smartphone that came with the nostalgia-provoking flip phone form element to the modern-day. It had its problems, of course, with some issues fans would like to see solved in the forthcoming handset.

This is why we decided to come up with a couple of stuff we would like to see in the Motorola Razr​ 2020. We also got everything there is to know about the upcoming device, including rumors and alleged leaks.

Motorola Razr​ 2020 – Price and Availability

If we were to theorize, we would say the Motorola Razr​ 2 release date will be around the middle of November 2020, continued by a launch date by the end of next year. There is no other reason for this particular window of time, aside from the fact that it would emulate the release date of the Motorola Razr​ 2019. 

​There is also the possibility to see the device launching earlier in 2020, likely at MWC 2020 in February, but that would be way too early considering that the Motorola Razr​ 2020 will be available for the market only a few months after the first Motorola Razr​ appeared. Because the majority of tech companies follow a year-long cycle when releasing devices, we would expect this to be the case in this matter as well; therefore, late-2020 is a great estimation.

There is no news on the Motorola Razr​ 2020 price tag yet, but the original device cost was $1,500 when it released. Depending on the adjustments and improvements the company will implement, the forthcoming handset could be more affordable, more expensive, or cost exactly the same as the Motorola Razr​ 2019.

Motorola Razr​ 2020 – Leaks and Rumors

Until now, there were two specific rumors regarding the Motorola Razr​ 2020, or Motorola Razr​ 2, that we’d come across.

The new foldable smartphone could pack eight sensors along the side of the handset [Image: Motorola / LetsGoDigital]
The first one claims that the new foldable smartphone could pack eight sensors along the side of the handset, enabling owners to use all kinds of gestures and access shortcuts irrelevant to the fact the phone is open or locked. This rumor originates from a patent, which also appears to claim that the device will feature an in-screen fingerprint scanner, in comparison to the physical one in the Motorola Razr​ 2019.

The second speculation, also coming from a patent, implies that the Motorola Razr​ 2 will be moddable, similar to the Moto Z lineup. The render depicts a camera mod trimmed onto the top of the device, and also another mod annexed at the fold, even though it is unclear what is the purpose of the latter one.​

We should note that renders are often ditched, and the final product ends up looking extremely different. This seems to be the case here as well, but we cannot know for sure until the official patents surface.


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