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How to Use Xender on PCs Running Windows

Xender is one of the most-used apps to transfer files. Available on both Android and iOS, the platform ​boasts over 100 active million users worldwide. The app is not yet available on PC, but there is a technique you can use to make it work on a Windows-powered device too.

Xender – A Great Sharing Method

The app is incredibly popular for Android and iOS users, mostly because of the many features it packs. These include high-speed transfer, user-friendly GUI, and the possibility to share files with a group.

Moreover, Xender provides its users with the option to share any file, such as pictures, videos, apps, music, documents, and so on. The platform is a great app because it doesn’t need cable connectivity in order to transfer files, ​as it functions via Wi-Fi and Hotspot connections.

Another great feature Xender has the possibility to clone a new smartphone quickly. This means it allows you to rapidly send anything from an old smartphone to a new one, including contacts, apps, SMS, logs, and more.

Furthermore, the service is a cross-platform file sharing app, which enables you to share files from Android to iOS and vice-versa, as well as from smartphones to PC.

How It Works

In order to share files with Xender, simply connect the devices on the same Wi-Fi or Hotspot connection and pair the handsets. Next, choose the files you want to send and confirm. The receiver must tap on the ‘Receive’ option before the transfer starts. 

How to Download and Install Xender on PC

For those who mostly use the PC and want to use the sharing app on desktop, must first install an Android emulator. The best emulator on the market is BlueStacks, so the following guide includes it.

Here is how to use Xender on PC.

1. Download and install BlueStacks from here

2. Launch it and connect to your Google account

3. In BlueStacks, open Google Play Store and search for Xender

4. Install the app once you found it

5. As soon as the installation process completes, you can use Xender on PC via BlueStacks

As a substitute, you can also use the official Xender Web​ method. This one might seem like a steady solution, but to use it, you still need to have the app installed on your smartphone in order to connect to Xender Web.

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