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How to Use the Scrolling Screenshot Feature on Android Devices

Depending on the type of mobile device you are using, capturing a screenshot may be a bit different. However, capturing a long one, also known as scrolling screenshot, was not possible on most smartphones until now.

Some devices, though, don’t have the feature at all, at the moment. The feature is available on most Android smartphones, and it makes storing information much easier. Even though some handsets have the option by default, there are third-party applications that can do the job in a more decent manner.
Here is how to capture a scrolling screenshot on any Android-powered device.

How to Scroll Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Devices

​The feature was first incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and was called ‘Capture more,’ and it enabled you to take a single long screenshot of a page. This functionality came back to Galaxy S8 under the name ‘Scroll capture,’ and later implemented on the latest Galaxy S10.
Here is how to use it.

• Turn on the ‘Smart capture’ option from ‘Advanced Settings’
•​ Go to the screen you want to capture
•​ Take a screenshot the way you always to
•​ After taking the screenshot, tap on the ‘Scroll capture’ from the options that will appear
•​ Keep tapping the ‘Scroll capture’ option, so it captures the page until you are done

How to Use Scrolling Screenshots on Huawei Devices

With the launch of EMUI 5.9, Huawei Mate smartphones such as Mate 20 have the scrolling screenshot available by default. Here is how to use it.

​•​​ Navigate to the screen you want to scroll screenshot
•​ Hold the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume down’ buttons at once
•​ After the image is captured, an animation will notify you of the process completion
•​ Before the animation disappears, tap on the ‘Scrollshot’ option
• Your device will begin capturing the page and add to the original image it took; tap on the screen when you want it to stop

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshot on Any Android-Powered Device

Not all devices running Android have this build-in feature, but there is a third-party app you can use in order to capture scrolling screenshots: LongShot.

The app enables you to capture multiple pages in a single rolling screenshot. It is incredibly easy to use and comes with various options. For instance, if you want to capture web pages, simply copy and paste the URL into the app and select a start and stop point for the capture.

If you want to long-screenshot something else, you will need to grant LongShot permission to be on top of other apps in your device. The service also provides users with auto-scrolling and auto-capture when scrolling.

The best thing about LongShot​, however, is the fact that it is free and doesn’t stamp any watermarks on your screenshots. Yes, there are ads, but they aren’t intrusive, and can be removed at any time – you can pay a small fee so they won’t appear at all, as well, if you choose so.


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