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How to Unlock the Battle Pass in Valorant

The most recent shooter game that was released, Valorant, has its own Battle Pass, just like most multiplayer first-person shooter titles have. The game launched this June but has already taken the world by storm, being in the top streamed titles on Twitch.  

In Valorant, players are to select various characters and play a match of 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 of these matches being the winner. As a competitive shooter, it is only right for it to have a Battle Pass. Read on to find out how to unlock it.  

By purchasing the Battle Pass, players are usually able to unlock special skins for their characters and cosmetics that cannot be accessed outside the Battle Pass. The additional build also offers new challenges that are, again, not available to players in the regular gameplay.  

How to Unlock Valorant’s Battle Pass  

Players can unlock the Valorant Battle Pass by buying 1,000 Valorant Points for $10. In the main menu, click on the ‘V’ icon at the top-right corner of the screen to purchase 1,000 Valorant Points. After acquiring them, you can trade them for the Battle Pass.  

As you unlock cosmetic items for your collection, you’ll also earn XP, followed by more rewards, which can completely change the pace of the game. Finally, you’ll have access to 50 tiers for a limited time, with more challenges unlocking every week, and more rewards coming.  

While paid content has been rather moped upon the gaming community, in free-to-play titles, it is a great way for developers to support their game as long as paying for it doesn’t cause imbalances to the title. Popular shooters like Fortnite demonstrated that this approach could be extremely successful, and others followed. Overall, Valorant’s Battle Pass draws a fine balance between customer support and profitability, and it is worth purchasing. 

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