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How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Smartphones

Many iPhone users have been disappointed by the fact that the excellent devices do not come with a built-in message scheduling feature, which would be a great boon.

Smartphone users from all over the world prefer to schedule some messages since the feature guarantees that an important message will be sent at a specified time, even if they don’t have access to their mobile device.

iPhone users will be happy to learn that there is a way to schedule text messages on their devices. All they need to do is to download and use a convenient third-party app which can perform the task for them in a seamless manner.

Before going forward, it is essential to mention that there are two versions of the app on the App Store. The basic one is available for free, but those who wish to enjoy a fully automatic process will have to pay for the premium one.

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Smartphones

Scheduled App offers users the option to create text messages and save them along with a specified timeframe. The free version will remind users to send the message at a specified, which can be quite handy if you don’t wish to use a separate memo for the task.

An upgrade to the premium version will offer the ability to schedule an automatic text message that will be sent by the app when the specified time has been reached

Creating a scheduled message is an easy task that can be completed with a few taps. Users should start by downloading the app on their devices and granting the required permissions when asked since the app requires access to the contact list.

After this step is completed, users will have to open the app and tap on the + button. This will take them to a new message screen where they can enter the text and pick the desired platform.

Choose a scheduled date, and the message is ready. There is also the option to tap on the Remind Me button if you prefer to receive a memo.


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